Сompany profile

Vip Artists Brand Management Group.CO,LD( including Vip Artists media and ShowFashion ) is a qualified perfashional Class-A artist agency authorized by the Chinese Ministry of Culture, mainly dealing with international art exchanges, introduction and promotion of international artists. We cooperate with entertainment channels of China’s most authoritative national TV station CCTV to promote international artists. And we are a part of the French TV-Fashion TV , Major business covers various kinds of TV shows, festivals, opening ceremonies, press conferences, club shows, VIP Events ,etc. Our company arranges shows in different venues according to the personal style of each artist.

Club capacity : around1000-3000 persons
Light & audio: The clubs are equipped with top hi-fi audio and lights to ensure the audio and stage effect.
All performances of the artists are taken videos and photographs professionally.
Venues: According to the price and music style of different artists we recommend different clubs in different cities. Generally, the number of venues depends on the price of the artist.

Agent: We provide good packaging and promotion for the artists when they are in China. The artists have the responsibility to sign a contract with our company for exclusive agent service.
During the tour in China, the artists live in 4 or 5 star hotels. And for artists doing long-term shows, we provide apartment (free wifi, and all household equipments)
Transportation in China: For long-distance travel, the artists take a plane. For short-distance travel, the artists go by car or high-speed train (in less than 4 hours).
Security: During the performance the artists are accompanied by professional security guards, and we buy accident insurance for the artists.

Food: We respect the customs and habits of the artists, and look for food that the artists like. If the artists want to eat by himself/herself, we provide subsidies for meals.
The artists should abide by Chinese laws when performing in China. Drug addiction, sex trade and other behaviors which damage the artist’s image, are not allowed. Our company shares no responsibility if the artists break Chinese laws.
International transportation: We book air tickets for the artists as well as overweight costs for the performance stuff. The visa fee is also covered by us.
Translation services: The artists are accompanied by our translator during to tour, who assists the artist in work and daily life in China